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Expand your network, collect rewards

Build your own community of gamers, stakers, marketing, sellers and traders. The more you expand DeFiStake will give you more opportunities to earn extra rewards.

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Rewarding to Connect

Build your community of gamers, stakers, sellers, traders to earn extra rewards and receive fantastic opportunities.

Referral Rewards

DeFiStake offers various rewards based on your staking performance and preferences. The direct referral rewards for staking are as follows:

Locked Staking - 5% Flexible staking - 2%

Staking Rewards
1st 15%
2nd 15%
3rd 10%
4th 10%
5th 10%
6th 5%
7th 5%

Note: The direct referral reward amount will be based on the referral's staking subscription amount, and the depth rewards are based on the staking rewards.

For instance, if you have 10 people from your first base and they are generating daily rewards of 0.50%, you will receive 15% from the 0.50% ( Base 1)