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Staking: Smarter Way to Create Value

We offer flexible and locked staking from different industries; Gaming, protocols, DeFi, metaverse, NFT’s and others.


Sustainable Staking Protocols

Our Staking Activities as Liquidity Providers, Aggregators, Traders, Investors and Developers are the key factors for our sustainability. DeFiStake offers a wide range of staking for every user to earn more profit in a sustainable manner. Our team works round the clock to study all projects and tokens in the market to make sure our staking is sustainable in terms of profit.


What is a Staking Pool?

A staking pool is when a group of coin holders merge their resources. This consolidation can then allow them to up their chances of validating blocks and receive rewards in return. They essentially pool in their sources and share in the rewards.

Nothing is at Stake with DeFiStaking!

Staking rewards.


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Staking Partners



What is Locked Staking?

What is Flexible Staking?

What will happen when I'm holding Locked/Flexible Staking?

What will happen when DeFiStake is holding Locked/Flexible Staking?

Tell us more about interest distribution and earlier redemption.

When can I redeem the Locked/Flexible Staking?

What are the steps to redeem Locked/Flexible Staking early?

If I redeem my staked tokens early, how is the interest calculated?

When the market drops, can my Locked Staking still be guaranteed to receive interests?